June 10

Summative Assignment

NOTE:   You are not allowed to collaborate or share in this assignment – this summative assignment is an individual task that must be completed within the timelines given (you will hand in whatever is completed by the end of June 17th class).  All submitted pages of the assignment must have your names or initials on each printout.  If the same work is handed in by more then one student, both students will receive a 0 on the task.

Create a table as outlined below and keep the table up to date as you work through this assignment.

Summative Assessment Tracking Table

Task Date Completed Software Used
Task 1 – Cereal Box Cover  Tuesday June 11, 2013  Adobe InDesign
Task 2 – Brand Comparison Spreadsheet  Wednesday June 12, 2013  Excel/Word
Task 3 – Competition Comparison  Thursday June 13, 2013  Access
Task 4 – Website  Monday June 17, 2013  Adobe Dreamweaver
Task 5 – Presentation to the Board Monday June 17, 2013  PowerPoint

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