March 26

3.     Page Properties – background images, page and text colours etc.

4.     Advanced Objects – formatting page setup with tables

5.     Creating a Website of many Webpages


Travel Brochure Website Assignment

• Create a Travel Brochure Website.
Pick a country that you would like to visit to tell us about.  (only one person per country)

You must include the following:

• As many HTML structures (tags) as you feel necessary.
• Have no less than 3 separate content pages
• Have a navigation structure (links to your homepage, and other pages)
• Include tables
• Include numerous graphics and/or images – one of which you must create yourself
• Include at least one ordered and one unordered list
• Include headings
• Include at least one external link
• Use consistent formatting, colours, and images to create a cohesive website
• Make sure all links work (i.e. that they are not broken)
• Create a sources cited page where you source your information, and acknowledge the original material authors. (This will be a separate page)
• Other additions of your choice – Level 4 submissions will include a number of advanced features such as image maps, horizontal rules, mail links, advanced tables etc.

Your web pages will be saved in a folder called “travelsite” in the BTA 3O directory your H drive. You must call your first page: index.html

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