Feb 26

1)  Print the following completed spreadsheets ( you can print the excel file or the linked PDF file – your choice) and hand them in.  Be sure you get the correct spreadsheets and put your name or a title page with your name on the package.

Exercise 17, 18, 24, 26, 29, 35

2)  Spreadsheet Integration

When creating a business presentation it is often necessary to use more than one piece of software to accurately, efficiently and effectively display all information. Often the use of a word processor is required for the structure of a report, or letter but a spreadsheet is used to accurately and efficiently manipulate and chart numeric data.

The integration of the two pieces of software is a useful tool.  To enhance word processing documents it is often necessary to copy spreadsheet data or charts from a spreadsheet program into a word processing program.


1. Completely manipulate and chart all data in spreadsheet (Be sure they are perfect)

2. Copy necessary spreadsheet rows or charts to your wordprocessing document

Task 1: Complete Integration Exercise 4 on page 384 and Exercise 10 on page 394.

This requires the completion of:

  • word processing exercise 43 on page 68-69 of the textbook.  (Note that exercise 43 requires the completion of Exercises 26, 29, 34, 39 or you can just look at exercise 43 and create the block formatted letter as shown)
  • spreadsheet exercise 34 (which you have already completed)

Exercise 43

Exercise 10

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