Feb 14

1)  Try:  Exercise 15 page 221, Exercise 17 page 225  and Exercise 18 page 226-227.    

These exercises demonstrate the use of formatting techniques in spreadsheets.  Adding and deleting columns / rows is also demonstrated.   Answer the following questions in your notebook:

a)  How do you add a border/shading to a spreadsheet?

To add a border or shading to a spreadsheet, right click the cell that you want to change. Than select Format Cell and than Border. You can change the border into several different colours and widths. To create a shaded cell, right click the cell that you want to change. Than select Format Cell and than select Fill. You can pick what colour and patterns you would like to be shaded as.

b)  What is an automatic format and how is it added to a spreadsheet?  What is an advantage of automatic formats?  What is a disadvantage of an automatic format?

An automatic format is a format that can be applied to a spreadsheet that changes the colour, text and overall look of the spreadsheet. Automatic format is similar to a template. To add automatic format to a spreadsheet, click on the Automatic format icon in the home bar, than choose which automatic format you would like to apply to your spreadsheet. An advantage of automatic formats is that it makes the spreadsheet colourful and visually appealing  A disadvantage of an automatic format is that it is similar to a template and will sometimes cause problems when users try to change data or text in the spreadsheet.

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