Unit 2 – Spreadsheet and Database Unit

FEB 12

1)  Create a Unit 2 folder – unit2spreadsheets on H: Drive to store the files from all exercises in this unit

Start Microsoft Excel   (part of Office 2010)

Get a textbook:   Computer Applications for Business – back shelf of classroom

2) Read Lesson 1 Exercise 1 on page 205 and the top of page 206 to get a look at the areas of a Microsoft Excel window

Answer the following questions in your notebook:

a) How are rows labelled?

Rows are labelled by numbers. ie. 1, 2, and 3.

b) How are columns labelled?

Columns are labelled by letters. ie. A, B, and C.

c) How are cells labelled?

Cells are labelled by using letters and numbers. ie. A1 cell is in column A, row 1

3)  Try: Exercise 2 page 207, Exercise 5 page 210, Exercise 6 page 211 and Exercise 8 page 213

These exercises demonstrate simple data entry of values (numerics) and text.  Notice the default formatting difference between values and text and answer the following questions in your notebook:

a)  How is text displayed by default (how is the text justified – ie right justified, left justified, center justified)?   

Text is displayed by default; left justified, Calibri and font size 11.

b)  How are values displayed by default (how are they justified)?

Values are displayed by numerics and are default in right justified.

c)  Is there a way to change the justification from the default and how is it accomplished – for example can you change text so it has center justification?

Yes, you can change the justification from the default by selecting one of the justifications in the alignment tool bar at the top of the page. Click on the cell and select the center justification symbol (left, centre and right justified).


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